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A new approach for anti-ageing treatment

This is a non-invasive alternative therapy for the face and neck. It differs from other systems in that it does not require cuts, or sutures for mechanical traction.

When the DOP or CAPROLACTONE suture is completely absorbed, the tissues generated in the meantime form a natural structure thanks to the fibroblasts and collagen that gives tone and elasticity to the skin. This is a self-induced biological lifting mechanism.

No side effects: you can resume activities at the end of therapy and can safely use make-up without allergic reactions. The level of patient satisfaction is very high.

WHO IS IT FOR?Patients who are starting to see the first signs of sagging of the face and neck, or if already evident and requiring preventive treatment for tissue repair, to "PREVENT", "REPAIR" and "ENHANCE".


• Bioregenerating therapy needle with Polydioxanone PDO absorbable sutures;
• Hypodermic needles dedicated for intradermal and subdermal injections;
•The absorbable thread is anchored subdermally, remaining in place after removing the needles;
•The hypodermis is stimulated, increasing production of fibroblasts and collagen synthesis.

Results and duration of treatment
1. Quick face and neck lift

2. Makes the skin young, supple and vital

3. Stimulates the production of collagen in depth, making it more compact and renewing in all three skin layers: epidermis, dermis and the subcutaneous layer

4. It improves the appearance of wrinkles and tightens sagging facial skin

5. Simple and effective method that requires only a short time to perform the treatment

6. Effects last for 16-18 months

7. Harmless absorbable sutures; does not require preliminary tests

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Soft facelifts with absorbable sutures


Soft facelifts with absorbable sutures

Soft facelifts with absorbable sutures

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